App Updates

Apple Watch App Removed in Version 1.5

As of version 1.5.0 of MatchTrack the Apple Watch part of the app has been removed. I know this may upset some people so I wanted to explain why I'm going in this direction with the app.

I originally wrote MatchTrack solely to be used on the Apple Watch. It seemed to present a great opportunity to really keep track of yourself as you played a match. For the most part this did work, you could see right on your wrist in the middle of a match what your first serve percentage is, which could be helpful! Of course, there was a downside to this: scoring a match with a tiny computer on your wrist while you were in the middle of it sucked.

Tennis is a game of concentration among many other things. Turns out, there's not much that will break your concentration and get you out of a match than having to look down at your wrist and worry about if an app was going to come up or that you pressed the right button. It was horribly distracting and I haven't scored a match I was playing myself in years at this point.

However, I left that part of the app alone in case some people did enjoy using it, or even if they used the watch app while scoring someone else's match. A recent change from Apple has made it no longer worth it to keep that part of the app updated though.

As of mid-April, Apple now requires all watchOS apps to be written in at least watchOS 2. The MatchTrack watch app is still watchOS 1. Converting this to version 2 is a significant undertaking which I frankly just don't have the time or desire to do, especially for something that I personally don't use.

If something changes in the future and I am able to once again focus on making a watch version of the app and do it the right way, with health tracking built in, I may consider doing so. For now, though, MatchTrack will be taking on a slightly different shape which I'll more to share about later.