Importing and Exporting matches with MatchTrack is a great way to share results with other people and it’s very easy to use.

To export a match, simply press the three dot menu button on a match screen and select Export Match. This will bring up the standard iOS Share Sheet where you can send the match file via AirDrop, iMessage, email, or save it to Files or any other app like Dropbox or OneDrive. The exported file will have a .matchtrack file extension and will be named with the date of the match and the name of the players.

Note: I strongly recommend emailing the match to someone, importing is easiest from email.

Importing a match is simple too but will be a little different depending on where you’re doing it from.

If you have the match saved in the Files app, you can simply click on the .matchtrack file and MatchTrack should automatically open for you and import the match. If you the match saved you can also import it from within MatchTrack. Go into the tennis ball menu and choose Import Match, find the file and tap it and it will import.

For a match in your email, click the .matchtrack extension and then choose Add to MatchTrack from the action menu that comes up. The match will be added to MatchTrack and will be visible next time you open the app.

Finally, a match sent via iMessage requires a couple of extra steps. First, click the name of the person sending the message at the top of the screen then click Info. This will show all of your attachments, including your MatchTrack matches. Click the match you want to act on then click the share icon in the bottom left corner. You can now import the match to MatchTrack or save it to the Files app.

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