How to use MatchTrack

How do I start a new match?

Press the New Match button on the top right of the launch screen. Currently, matches can only be created on an iPhone. This match will then appear in the selection list on your Apple Watch.

What options do I have for the match settings?

You can choose the following:

Ad Scoring or No Ad Scoring - This will apply to each game played.
Tie Break or No Tie Break - This is for all sets except for the final set. One set matches are also covered here.
Final Set Tie Break or No Final Set Tie Break - Want to play tie breaks in all sets except for the 3rd or 5th?
Detailed Scoring or Simple Scoring - Simple Scoring will track everything that can be tracked with just a score change and knowing if it’s the first or second serve. Detailed Scoring includes things such as Aces, Double Faults, and Winners. It requires a second button press saying how the player one the point.
How do I score a match on the iPhone?

This is where MatchTrack shines, it couldn’t be easier! Just select whether it was a first or second serve then press the game score of the player who won the point. The current server will have their score and name highlighted in tennis ball yellow.

If you’re using Detailed Scoring, after you press the game score an alert box will pop up asking you how that player won the point. Just select the best option and that’s it!

In case you do hit the wrong button or a point is overruled you can undo the last point played. Just hit the three dots in the top right and then choose Undo Last Point on the next screen.